Macaw with angel


Macaw with angel

We love doodles, especially ones that are easy to keep clean!

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Macaw with an angel will be an ideal gift for the birth of a baby: it will beautifully decorate the room.

Or maybe you need a christening gift? That’s a good idea too!


  • without plastic parts
  • Has dimensions of 25x35cm, but add another 11cm for the brackets
  • suspended on a wooden stick 30cm long
  • you can find the process of making a doodle in the roll on our instagram profile
  • subdued colors: dirty pink (background) whites and beiges (angel)
  • in addition, the cloud is very shaggy to the touch
  • possibility of personalization: above or below the angel you can embroider the baby’s name
  • Can be washed gently at temp. 30 deg. C, dry unfolded
Macaw with angel
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