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About us

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About us

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Our little studio is a family company full of passion and love for beautiful things. We make all our products very carefully. We spend a lot of time with them because beautiful things cannot be done quickly. You need to devote a lot of time and heart to them.

We only use our original designs, so our cuddly toys are unique. We do not duplicate patterns from the Internet. Such toys, although pretty, have already got their hands on them!

Each of our mascots can become your child’s best friend. You just have to give her a chance 😊.

And if you want to make a cuddly toy for your baby yourself, take a look at our patterns. Toys made for a child by own hands are the most valuable. It doesn’t matter if the mascot’s ears are straight or one higher. It doesn’t matter to the child! Then only a gesture full of love counts: “… this toy is made especially for me!” …

We remember such gestures throughout our lives …

See our offer, make yourself at home.


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