Girland for children’s room 270 cm


A garland for a child’s room is a wonderful decoration. Hang it on the wall and you’ll see for yourself!

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Girland for a child’s room

  • The total length of the garland is up to 270cm
  • Girland for children’s room in muted, natural colors: ivory, warm beige and gray.
  • triangle dimensions: 13x13cm
  • Additional embellishments include rabbit ears and fluffy pompom tails in lilac and purple.
  • The garland consists of 8 triangular pieces and wooden beads.
  • The length of the part with decorative elements is 120 cm; in addition, 50-centimeter long strings with loops for attaching the garland are made on both sides.
  • Certified cotton yarns with a touch of acrylic were used to make the ornament.
  • Can be gently washed at temp. 30 deg. C.
Girland for children’s room 270 cm
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