Autumn garland with pumpkins


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Girland in a somewhat rustic, classic style. It will beautifully enhance your interiors in autumn.

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Autumn garland with pumpkins

A beautiful decoration to hang over the fireplace in the living room or by the window. Decorative garland in attractive energetic colors will attract the eye of guests and add variety to the autumn interior.

  • The total length of the ornament is 200 cm. On a brown string are suspended small plush pumpkins (5 pieces) in orange. Each pumpkin is additionally decorated with a bow made of hemp string and green whiskers (also made on crochet).
  • An additional decoration of the garland is a string with leaves made of green cordon. Intertwine the green leaves on the string with the pumpkins and you’ll get a great effect!
  • Each pendant can be freely moved left or right. And if you need a shorter garland, simply slide all the hanging ornaments tighter and shorten the garland string to the desired length.
  • You have three options for the appearance of the garland, use them:
    • Pumpkins hung only on beige string
    • Pumpkins hung on a green string with leaves
    • Hang pumpkins on beige string and intertwine green leaves between pumpkins
  • Next year you can take the pumpkins off the string and arrange them on the table in a wicker basket: they will look beautiful too!



Autumn garland with pumpkins
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