XL balloon – 48cm


What if you took a trip around the world …. e.g. balloon?…

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The XL balloon is our next proposal for a child’s room.

  • the balloon is two-colored
  • handmade border/vintage lace
  • original decoration for the little traveler’s room
  • ideal for hanging by the crib
  • in the carrycot will fit a small teddy bear, a toy car or a small map, leading to the treasure
  • The balloon with the nacelle is approx. 48cm high and approx. 18 wide
  • Can be gently washed (kneaded) at temp. 30 deg. C.
  • do not dry mechanically (squeeze, do not wring)

Contact us if you match other colors to the room.

The balloon is malleable. It can be shaped as desired.

This product is not a toy but a decoration. Fix the balloon near the crib (not over the crib), within sight of the baby.

XL balloon – 48cm
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