Personalized garland – triangle 1 pcs.


Personalized garland for your little one’s room. Choose colors and accessories according to your preferences.

Available on backorder


Personalized garland – 1 triangle

This time you can design the elements of the garland for the toddler yourself 😃. I make each letter of the name separately on a crochet hook and sew it to the triangle by hand. It is time-consuming, but the result is impressive!

Each triangle will have a side of approx. 17cm.

  1. Choose garland colors (max. three, so as not to give the impression of a mish-mash). The colors shown in the product images are available off-the-shelf, so your order may be processed slightly faster.
  2. Compose add-ons of your choice: letters, bunny ears, pompoms, crochet bow, wooden beads, crochet spring, tangs
  3. Decide if you want two edge triangles without letters.

🎁 Order a garland with a minimum of 6 triangles, and additional smooth edge triangles

We will add free 🌷( you then get a garland of 8 triangles).

  • Check what length of garland you need and recalculate whether you have chosen the right number of triangles.
  • Make a purchase of garland elements. You can provide details in the notes to your order or in the mail.
  • The time to make the garland is approx. 7-10 days. If I manage to finish the garland earlier, I will let you know 😀.
  • I package the finished ornament as a gift and send it to the specified address.
Personalized garland – triangle 1 pcs.
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