Decorative pillow – pumpkin 30cm


A pumpkin that will decorate your living room or home for the next few years. And she’s so cute….

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Decorative pillow – pumpkin 30cm

Autumn is approaching, so it’s time to think about home decoration.

This time we offer a soft, very cuddly pillow in the form of a pumpkin. It will work perfectly as a decoration for a couch in the living room, hallway or in a child’s room. You can put it under your head or legs while watching your favorite TV series.

Or maybe you want to decorate the entrance to your home? Imagine our pumpkin in beautiful, vibrant colors, next to a wicker basket or wooden box. Plus autumn flowers, grasses, rowan trees…. All bathed in the still warm rays of the sun….

Well a beautiful view, isn’t it?….

The pillow is approx. 30cm in diameter and approx. 16cm high.

Our pumpkin can be washed at 30st. C. Dry unfolded (do not mechanically dry).

To order a pillow in a different color, please contact us. We will arrange all the details and the deadline for making the pumpkin.

Decorative pillow – pumpkin 30cm
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