How to choose a mascot for a child?

jak wybrać maskotkę

Na co zwrócić uwagę?

It all depends on the age of the child, as well as other characteristics, such as sensitivity to stimuli – especially auditory.

You will choose a different cuddly toy for a baby, a different one for a one-year-old or a two-year-old (I will not mention older pets 😉).

Babies just born and infants are probably the most demanding customers. Therefore, I will focus on them.

As a pattern designer and creator of mascots, I have much more knowledge and experience today than when I was a new mother. That’s how I know what to look for when buying cuddly toys 😊. That is why I can advise you from the heart on what to look for when choosing a gift for newborn babies.

To the point!

Choose a cuddly toy:

  • small – not to be heavy; the baby will not even cover his paw in a 40-centimeter toy;
  • if you like a fashionable cuddly toy with a blanket, choose one that is not too big so that it does not accidentally cover the child’s face;
  • opt for expressive colors, because such little ones in the first months of life see red, black, white best;
  • from natural materials: preferably pure cotton or cotton with an admixture of another fiber;
  • no plastic elements – eyelets must be embroidered;
  • without unnecessary strings, ribbons or other strings that could get the baby’s fingers tangled.

If the child is not timid, you can try sound effects, but not too loud. Our house was usually quiet, we don’t watch TV, so my daughter was woken up by the slightest rustle, rattle or bell.

View accounts of various creators. Don’t limit yourself to just big stores. Often, tiny studios do wonders. Choose the creator with the best craftsmanship:

  • there must be no holes in the toy through which the filling will come out
  • all elements of the cuddly toy should be framed or really sewn on
  • jeśli kupujesz online, oglądaj dokładnie zdjęcia. Do not limit yourself to one toy, look at a lot of different photos, because then you can check the accuracy and precision in the finish of the product.
  • for the youngest children, avoid toys made of the cheapest acrylic yarn, because they simply pill
  • plush, chenille or polyester yarns are also not suitable for newborns. For older children – yes, they are cool and pleasant to the touch.
  • check the maintenance conditions: are they there 😉. Did the manufacturer foresee the possibility of cleaning his product at all? Is the method of care, drying, washing temperature specified? A cuddly toy for children that cannot be washed is a misunderstanding …

Even though in my studio I use chenille yarns that have certificates, they are intended for babies, also for clothing, I would not give such a cuddly to my newborn child. A two-year-old child – definitely, but a younger child – no. I’m a little crazy about child safety and a very active imagination in this direction: I see all the worst possible variants right away … so simply: NO.

  • additional thing: do not hang anything over the child’s face!

Our store offers great balloons. The whole balloon is soft, plastic, weighs little. All elements are firmly attached, nothing has the right to fall off, because every little thing is sewn, nothing glued! And yet, I ALWAYS advise against hanging a balloon or anything OVER a child. Hang it slightly to the side, next to the crib, within the child’s sight.

When choosing a mascot for an older child, pay special attention to the careful workmanship and good quality of materials. When choosing a mascot for an older child, pay special attention to the careful workmanship and good quality of materials.

As for additional matters, but no less important, I will also mention the method of packaging the products:

  • pay attention to the packaging.

In my studio, I value moderation in packing. Sorry, but you will not find a file of beautiful leaflets: separately with thanks for the purchase, separately with the encouragement to share your opinion or visit the website. I’m throwing in words ONE small piece of paper 7x10cm, without gilding, foils and other ornaments. All such extras seem unnecessary to me, because they end up in the trash anyway. After all, no one collects them! 😊

The mascot packed in a beautiful company box, wrapped with a glitter ribbon, with stickers, logo or gilding, it’s not for me. Sure, it makes a WOW effect, but then I don’t know whether to throw such packaging into plastics or into paper ….

Mascots from our studio come out wrapped in tissue paper, packed in a gray cardboard box. Of course, I throw extras there in the form of freebies, sometimes in reusable bags 😉. We print care labels on recycled gray paper. I limit myself to the necessary minimum in terms of packaging. I am also considering reusing cardboard boxes in which there was already a shipment, but I have not yet convinced myself to this idea …

Cuddly toys are always a nice idea for a gift at any age. You just need to know what to pay special attention to when buying. I hope I’ve helped you a bit 😊.

How to choose a mascot for a child?
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