Diaper monkey pattern


Diaper monkey pattern

If you want to make a unique cuddly toy for your little one, different from the store ones, use our pattern. You choose the colors according to your taste. In the end, you’ll have the cuddly toy you want! We will guide you by the hand, step by step. You can always count on our support!

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The template is available in Polish and English.

You can make a large monkey (about 33cm) from Himalaya Dolphin Baby or a small one (about 17-18cm) from thinner yarns (YarnArt Jeans, Drops Safran, Nako Super Bebe). The pattern also includes a description of how to make the diaper.


– 2 skeins of Velvet or ¾ skein of Jeans or Super Bebe yarn (for the body)
– ca. 1/3 skein of YarnArt Velour or ¼ skein of Jeans or Super Bebe (murphy, paws and feet)
– 1/3 skein of Himalaya Dolphin Colors (diaper)
– A piece of black or brown yarn to embroider the smiley face
– safe eyes approx. 12 mm (8 mm for the smaller monkey) and a nose (you can embroider)
– polyester filling
– Crochet 3.5 or 4 mm for Velvet and 3mm for YarnArt Velour (always choose such, crochet so that there are no holes between the meshes in the knitting). For thinner yarns crochet 2-2.5mm.
– markers and scissors
– A needle and strong thread for stitching the different parts of the mascot

Enjoy your knitting! Contact us if you have any questions 🙂

Diaper monkey pattern
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