Christmas tree ornament – gnome


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Christmas tree ornament – gnome

Create your own set of unbreakable Christmas tree ornaments in any color.

Sets of up to 6 pcs. we pack in a box cut. Sets of more than 6 pieces. We pack in a box with a window.

Handmade oversized gnomes:

  • In 4 colors to choose from: dark red, white, ecru and caramel
  • you can order gnomes in any color (the lead time will extend by 2-3 days, because I need to order yarn in the color of your choice)
  • Gnomes’ hats are decorated with wooden scraps
  • noses made of wooden beads
  • ready to hang on the Christmas tree
  • they won’t break when accosted by a toddler or an amused kitten
Christmas tree ornament – gnome

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1 szt., 4 szt.

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