Octopus – pirate 70cm


Do you have a sailor or traveler at home? Do you love Julius Verne’s books? Such a gift is sure to arouse delight in the eyes of the little obeisance!

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Octopus – pirate 70cm long!

In everyday life she’s just a normal nice octopus, but when you put an eye patch and a bandana on her head, she transforms into a sea pirate, the terror of the seven seas!

See the ease with which it attacks ships! All the sailors save themselves by escaping and jumping into the dark ocean waters without hesitation! No one wants to get into the merciless tentacles of a giant octopus….

Big ship goes down with all its cargo….

And after an exhausting battle, you can once again remove your bandana and headband: snuggle into the embrace of the octopus, stroke its velvety head and fall asleep…..

Our octopus:

  • has handmade eyes, sewn to the head
  • She has embroidered lips and “laughs” at the corners of her eyes (she’s really likable!)
  • for more fun, it comes with a headgear and an eye patch (all of which can be taken off and put on again and again!)
  • is made of certified yarns designed for children
  • filled with anti-allergic silicone down
  • It can be washed at temp. 30st. C.
  • do not dry mechanically, leave in a decomposed state in a warm and airy place
  • The offer includes an octopus with a cap and eye patch. The other items in the photos are just decoration and are not included in the offer.


As with all toys, adult supervision of a playing child is essential. Check that all parts of the toy are well attached and have not been worn out during play. In case of any damage, remove the product immediately.


Octopus – pirate 70cm
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